The normal backwards curvature of the spine throughout the upper torso. Hyper-kyphosis is an increase of this curvature (hunchback) that can decrease the range of movement in the spine and lead to impingement of the nerves that exit the spinal canal. Injuries and postural issues of the cervical spine can extend into the thoracic spine, therefore treatments for ailments in both areas are similar.

the FIX- Electric Stimulation used to facilitate muscle spindle contraction, Promote blood flow, Decrease pain and inflammation.
Therapeutic Ultrasound used to heat deeper tissue to decrease swelling and pain while promoting healing.
Intersegmental Spinal Traction used to massage, stretch, and traction the entire spine.
Lumbar Spinal Flexion/Distraction Therapy used as a focused stretch or the low back in all directions.
Cervical Spine Decompression used to traction-out neck and low back.
Cervical Manipulation Therapy (CMT) or Spinal Adjustment
Massage Therapy to reduce spasm, promote blood flow, and facilitate movement
Therapeutic Stretching (ART – Active Release Therapy, PIR – Post-Isometric Release, PNF - proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
Biomechanical Reeducation – Recover normal range-of-motion and return to normal function. Kinesio-taping for postural correction