Cervical spine

also known as an AC (Acromio-Clavicular) joint sprain – An injury of the ligament that stabilizes the clavicle at the shoulder especially during overhead activities. The AC joint is often injured by chronic misuse, trauma directly to the shoulder, or a fall on an outstretched arm.

the FIX

Game Ready Cryo-Compression Therapy to reduce soft tissue swelling and decrease pain
Electric Stimulation used to facilitate muscle spindle contraction, Promote blood flow, Decrease pain and inflammation.
Therapeutic Ultrasound used to heat deeper tissue to decrease swelling and pain while promoting healing.
Massage Therapy to reduce spasm, promote blood flow, and facilitate movement
Therapeutic Stretching (ART – Active Release Therapy, PIR – Post-Isometric Release, PNF - proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
Biomechanical Reeducation – Recover normal range-of-motion and return to normal function.
Kinesio-taping for postural correction
Pain Management – Muscle trigger point injections (used in more severe cases)