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The FIXes - OrthoticsOur Custom-Made Activity Specific Shoe Orthotic is an amazing aid that can heal a number of ailments plaguing areas from the feet to the neck with every step you take. And you can‘t find a more patient/activity/ailment specific orthotic for less in this town. Each orthotic starts with a full history of injury and activities normally enjoyed. We need to know what the problem is and what activity we need to keep you in by adding an orthotic to your treatment. The next step is to make a foam cast of both feet (not just a digital picture). This is done in a seated position in order to capture what the structures of the foot “look like” so that we can create an orthotic to match.

The process is completed by adding the correct amount of support to certain areas of the foot that are specific to your ailment and activity for each foot. We reassess the orthotic after one month of activity to see if any minor changes need to be made at no additional charge. We’re not happy until you’re happy with our product. That means back in the activities that pain kept you from in the first place. Again, making our orthotics one of the most patient/activity/ailment specific and least expensive custom built orthotics you can find in town. We provide the same Examination, casting technique, and vendor (PAL Health Technologies) as most every other local podiatrist. This all falls under the scope of practice for a Chiropractic Physician in the state of Illinois. Most Insurance Providers cover Custom Shoe Orthotics – ask The FIX staff to check if yours is one of them.