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Between all the physicians, therapists, and staff members – we’ve played every sport there is and have first-hand knowledge on what it takes to train for and participate in your sport, we have an appreciation for what each sport asks of its players and unfortunately have also suffered the same types of sport related injuries as you.  That means we’ve gone through the same rehabilitation to return to the sport as quickly as possible.

We make every attempt not to take athletes out of the game completely.  A day off from any training is so difficult to get back so we are adamant about getting our athlete patients moving as quick and safely as possible.  Our treatment protocols are aggressive but precise and effective.

Our physicians choose to perform a majority of their own rehabilitative therapies on patients.  We just enjoy being more hands on.  Our therapy involves protecting the injured area from continued damage, addressing the injury, returning normal function to the area, and strengthening the area to avoid future injuries when returning to activity.