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massage-therapy-chicago-mt-greenwood-west-loop-300x200Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of superficial layers of skin, muscles, and connective tissue to enhance function while facilitate healing by promoting circulation. We offer 30 minute to 1 hour clinical table massages. And I do mean clinical. What we lack in incents, wind chime soundtracks, and candle lit rooms we surpass with our effective clinical therapy. Our massages are in no way a typical spa massages.


Our therapists are trained as Clinical Massage Therapists that follow specific treatment protocol which require utilizing deep tissue massaging techniques that have been prescribed for a particular issue. We emphasize this point to make our patients aware that this is an assertive manual treatment of soft tissue issues.


Extra points:

  • We use hypoallergenic lotions
  • Patients can undress to their level of comfort
  • Therapists communicate with patients at all times to use the right amount of pressure.
  • Majority of time is used to treat problem area but can work on other areas if time permits.
  • Complimentary bottles of water are always available after the treatment.