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Electric Stim PictureElectric stimulation refers to a therapy modality where a light electrical impulse is pulsed from one electrode placed on the skin at one end of a muscle or joint to another placed some distance away at other end of same muscle or side of joint. The muscle spindles charged by the impulse will begin to contract/relax as the impulse passes over the neuromuscular junction (where nerves meet muscle). This mimics the natural impulse that will get muscles to move. The reason Electric Stimulation would be added would be to facilitate movement of muscles and surrounding structures that are unable to produce movements on their own at some level. Therefore cause muscles trapped in a trigger point, frozen in scar tissue, or void of nerve stimulation to return to normal movement. The contraction of muscles also allows for the squeezing out of stagnant blood (saturated with dead blood cells, lactic acid, and other byproducts) while the relaxation phase allows new fresh blood to be drawn in. Finally, Electric Stimulation also causes a release of endorphins around a muscles decreasing pain. This modality is one of the more often used techniques to treat ailments of the aching muscle and joints of athletes and a number of neurological deficits seen in nerve damage patients.