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Acupuncture needles on back of a young womanOur Licensed Acupuncturists use needling, acupressure, and cupping techniques to reduce a patient’s pain sensation, increasing circulation and therefore decreasing soreness and swelling in the treatment area.

Here is my best explanation of what a major effect of acupuncture is: Imagine hitting your thumb with a hammer. Instinctively you’ll end up doing something like squeezing your injured thumb or shaking it vigorously to dampen the damage done. So along with the original “hammered thumb pain” you send your brain a sensation of pressure (squeezing) and/or proprioception impulses (movement sensation).

All of these sensations from the same area share a path on their way up to the brain. This path to the brain can only handle an impulse at a time so it’s easy to see that the hammered thumb impulse might have a hard time getting to the brain if the path is crowded with other impulses. This is the basis of the Gate control theory of acupuncture. Acupuncture is also theorized to release a hormone response and also initiate an inflammatory process that encourages the body healing processes cells to the area and circulation to increase.