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massage therapy mt greenwood chicagoI am a national and state certified Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist. Since graduating on the Presidential Honors List at The Soma Institute, The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy, I’ve treated thousands of clients from professional athletes to professional businessmen to busy housewives. I have been one of the top grossing massage therapists at a leading, upscale health club, Equinox Fitness, for three years and have loved every minute of it as I am an advocate for responsible health and fitness. The vast majority of my clients have come to me through referrals from existing clients.

I focus on deep tissue therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. Common conditions I’ve treated throughout my practice as a clinical massage therapist include: Symptoms associated with tendonitis, sciatic pain associated with the Piriformis muscle, IT Band Contracture, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel syndrome and Thoracic Outlet syndrome. While I specialize in treating chronic pains associated with overuse injuries and aid in the rehabilitation from major surgeries, I frequently am asked to assist in the treatment of other conditions.

If I’ve learned anything as a massage therapist, where the pain is felt is rarely where the problem lies. Identifying the problem is discovered simply by asking the right questions. A great therapist understands that the human body works as a whole and not individually.

I’ve experienced major injuries from being an active child to an active adult, and I know the pains of sports injuries to everyday mishaps. Many of my current and former clients will say they feel they’ve connected with me at every level. I’m not just concerned about their pain, but their well-being as a whole. Treating the person is not just about treating the symptoms, but the need to treat the human spirit.