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180855_935178018712_7605978_nDr. Mahmoud Lotfi is a Doctor of Chiropractic for The Chicago Fix. Dr. Lotfi received his bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences at National University of Health Sciences where he developed a passion for holistic medicine; which maintains a focus on the patient’s —mind, body, spirit, and emotions. He was inspired to pursue serving others in this capacity and completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine also at the National University of Health Sciences.

A previous high school and college athlete, he also has a passion for sports.  Specifically, playing many years of soccer as a captain and leader of his high school and several competitive teams he put together. As a result, he is heavily involved in the community and performs field athletic training to local athletic teams.  He is empathetic toward athletes and loves to alleviate their pain and help them recover from their injuries, as well as improve their performance, strength, and endurance.
He is a strong believer in evidence based medicine and believes that therapies should be utilized only if proven efficacious in studies.  As such, he believes that the immediate symptoms as well as underlying health issues that may be contributing to the symptoms should be addressed. As Dr. Lotfi says “it is important to fix the root of the problem not the
As Dr. Lotfi’s patient, you’re promised a passionate and supportive partnership in understanding your current complaint and daily habits and supporting your long-term health.  His goal as a physician is to provide the ideal environment for restoring your normal function and healing your pain in an effort to improve your overall mental and physical health.