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Working in Chicago with Gold Coast Fitness. Forward-thinking founder and executive director of the widely acclaimed Rose Quest Nutrition Centre, Cynthia Curtis Harington has dedicated her 30-year career to educating and guiding people to feel their best through healthy eating with a strong emphasis on organically-grown food. She is a Professional Licensed Nutritionist and also a graduate of Glen Oaks Nursing College.
Known for always asking, “Why,” her studies of nutrition in college led her to question whether perhaps her own excruciatingly painful migraine headaches were caused by certain foods. She found that eating fresh, nutritious foods instead of fast alternatives, like coffee and donuts, significantly reduced the number of migraines she had.
When her son Brad was born, her expertise in nutrition developed in response to his serious respiratory problems. Despite their reliance on modern medicine, his breathing problems became more acute as he grew. She was determined to find a solution so Brad could grow up and run around with his friends, without an inhaler. Knowledge from her nutrition classes, nursing background, her own experience, and lots of love enabled her to develop a special diet for Brad, who turned out to be a star baseball player.
The success of her approach to wellness has been documented by clients who followed her clearly defined guidelines and reported remarkable results. Certified with the Nutritionist Institute of America, she has also completed advanced nutritional studies from the University of California, Berkeley. A National Board Certified Massage Therapist, she often incorporates massage techniques in her treatments to maximize the effectiveness of the program she creates with love for each of her clients.
A visionary in the field of nutrition and wellness, she is dedicated to a multi-faceted system of nutrition which defines her Centre’s emphasis on correct, organically-grown food choices, organically-grown food sources, appropriate food supplementation, massage, and exercise, in order to assist the body in nutritionally balancing itself. An educational method of guidance is offered, emphasizing client/nutritionist cooperation, and fostering individual responsibility for nutritional health. Love is an essential ingredient provided with every program.
Educational Leadership as a Nutritional Expert:

• Educational lectures and discussion groups nationwide about the value of nutrition and eating organic
o Customized lecture series for businesses nationwide including The Homestead Resort and Spa, the Mennonite Economic Development Associates Convention, Bethlehem Steel-Burns Harbor Wellness Center, Honeywell Corporation, the PR firm of Porter-Novelli, and The Discovery Channel
o Key note speaker at the University of Notre Dame and numerous private and public middle schools, as well as Rotary Clubs in the Mishawaka-South Bend area
o Voice America “Talk Nutrition with Cynthia,” a 17-week radio talk show
o Participant in The Chicagoland Comprehensive Care Health Fairs for corporations including CNA, Helene Curtis, McCord Travel, Marshall Field’s, Olive & Mather, Rosella Capital Management, Inc., and Hilton Hotels
• Nutritionist and food preparation advisor for the Head Start program at the Church of God in Chicago, IL.
• Organizer of the first organic Farmers Market in Mishawaka, Indiana
• Nominated for the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in Washington, DC.
• Committee memberships with the Illinois Advisory Board for Small Business, the Mishawaka Historical Commission, and the Mishawaka Business Association Board
• Professional advocate for proper nutrition through the Illinois Arts Council’s Medical Exchange Initiative. Traveled to Moscow and Siberia to observe practices and treat disaster victims. In exchange, Russian medical professionals came to her Chicago and Mishawaka, Indiana offices to observe her treatment methods and direct application of nutritional science.

Cynthia Curtis Harington is also the founder (2001) and Chief Executive Officer of B&B Organics, Inc., a regional Midwest-based organic produce distribution company that serves food cooperatives, health food stores, and buying groups in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. B&B Organics, Inc. has been designated with “certified organic” status by the State of Indiana, and the company’s goal is to supply the freshest and highest quality certified organic fruits and vegetables available at an affordable price. Please visit the company’s websites at: and for additional information.

• Responding to requests from health and value-conscious individuals, B&B Organics launched B&B Organic Express this five years ago to make their outstanding quality product available to Michiana consumers as well.
• In a recent customer satisfaction survey, the B&B Organic Express program was highly ranked for value, quality, and convenience. The program has been especially well received by parents with young children, who understand the importance of good childhood nutrition right from the start for family health and well-being.